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About Us

Coastal Prosthetic & Orthotic Lab, Inc. is a family-based business focused on giving patients a higher quality of life. We have been providing exceptional prosthetic and orthotics products and services for over 27 years to over 15,000 patients throughout South Carolina. - Read More »

CPO - Myrtle Beach Prosthetics and Orthotics


Myrtle Beach Prosthetics and Orthotics Making A Positive Difference

Welcome to the home of CPO, the number one choice for Myrtle Beach prosthetics and orthotics. At CPO, we know that there are various reasons why our clients are in need of prosthetics or orthotics and we will do all we can to accommodate in order to get you back in your stride! We have nearly 30 years of experience as well as over 15,000 clients throughout South Carolina making us fully prepared to assist you with your prosthetic or orthotic needs. Starting as long ago as we did, we have seen the field really grow and develop with technology since the days of custom, hand-crafted wooden legs and other prosthetics in Myrtle Beach. As the technology changed, we invested the time and assets needed to create the most up-to-date prosthetics and orthotics in Myrtle Beach. Our products are completely non-invasive to allow you to keep moving on with your life without being held back by physical limitations. If you are seeking Myrtle Beach prosthetics or orthotics, then CPO is the only stop you’ll need to make. We are excited to assist you in your progress and cannot wait to help you get back on your feet!

We Offer A Number Of Myrtle Beach Prosthetics and Orthotics    

At CPO, we understand that each person is different, so we design our products to fit your individuality as well as your unique prosthetics and orthotic needs. This being said, we offer a wide variety of Myrtle Beach prosthetic and orthotic products as well as services that will empower our clients with custom, comfortable merchandise. To learn more about the different products and services we have here at CPO, please visit the following links: Myrtle Beach Prosthetic & Orthotic Services and Myrtle Beach Prosthetic & Orthotic Products.

Have Insurance Questions About Our Myrtle Beach Prosthetics and Orthotics?

For more information about the different insurances we accept at CPO, please click Myrtle Beach Prosthetic and Orthotic Insurance We Accept!  Thanks for stopping by our website and learning more about the great services and products we offer our clients in Myrtle Beach, The Grand Strand and throughout the state of South Carolina.

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